I'll Write Art, Were Creative in many ways. My Heart Bleeds with Life & Pain, Ill only stay blunt nothing less or more. Do you
see my mirror.


I can’t Change for Who I am, What I am, and the things that I Believe in. I trust in me, the man I am for every choice that I make. Everything starts somewhere: I rather do something and regret it then regret something that i haven’t done. In life, the pleasure in pain is growing and adapting from it. The things we want in life, seems to be more thrilling when its impossible to get. Truth; We don’t always have control over these happenings, but we can exercise control over our attention and attitude.. So Know you’re worth. Your significant around others can reflect upon you. Its a Promise.  The collateral will always be good. So every GOAL isn’t the destination to seek. But seek the journey itself as I only alone can see the perfect sunrise.image